Every picture on this website, with no exception, is taken from one place - our Dartmouth office garden

For those of you that don’t already know..........every single snap on this website is taken from one place -

our garden in Above Town, Dartmouth, Devon, England

Sunday 18th April  2021 - 7.30pm

Windo the Dartmouth seal gives his verdict on the best places to stay.

But his fame is causing popularity issues.

The steam train is a-tooting, tha Castle Ferry is a-ferrying and the town is packed.

Boris visited BRNC. Apparently.

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8 April 2021 - 08:16:10

13 April 2021 - 09:42:10

Windo, the famous Dartmouth seal becomes The Hotel Inspector with his online reviews at:


Tohatsu Room

The Blue Rib Guest House

River Dart



Location         *****

Cleanliness    ****  (overnight rain assisted)

Service          *       (appeared non-existent)

Accessibility   **     (overinflated tubes caused issues)

Value             *****  (cannot be beaten)

The Blue Rib Guest House is a converted rigid inflatable boat located on the river Dart just off the quiet country village of Kingswear. Converted from a mobile home to a static facility. The guest house is owned and run by a family who take pride in the satisfaction of their customers, and whilst they are not yet catering for parties they made every effort to make me feel comfortable. They have kept the magic and charm of its former identity and the mooring makes this an exceptionally desirable residence for a Spring break.

The early morning light shone through the non-existent windows, bathing me in a warm glow.  Breakfast was particularly lovely with a good selection of cold and colder items.

Evening entertainment consisted of some hystrerical mime artists, although they might well have simply been paddle boarders.

It has to be said that privacy was an issue, as I try so hard to not flaunt my fame. But more than once I heard jealous tourists shout out what sounded like “look at that basking seal”.

Frankly, they looked slippery customers to me.

Evinrude Suite

The White Rib Room Hotel

River Dart



Location         *****

Cleanliness    ****  (on day one) * (by day two)

Service          *       (absent. thankfully)

Accessibility   ***    (a climb, but okay for able bodied seals)

Value             *****  (owner insisted on no deposit, sorry)

Located on the wild and romantic south-west coast of England, on a slope opposite to the town of Dartmouth, with extensive views of the hillside and valley down to the (sometimes) blue waters of the river Dart, the White Rib Hotel has a total of one room. It comes equipped with seating, radio and a substantial lounging about area. The bathroom facilities are as big as the room.

The hotel offers a beautiful water garden with a 18 mile long unheated swimming pool part of which is available for aquarobics classes. There is free transport to a nearby beach, which, whilst no longer private does have occasional crystal-clear waters to explore with self supplied snorkeling equipment. The  snack bar service was perhaps intermittent and supplies seem to coincide with the tides. When open, the restaurant spoilt our palates with exquisite dishes of national and international cuisine. Mainly seafood.  The chef was likely from the Pacific rim as much of the fish was served raw. All of it actually. The White Rib Hotel  is a true haven of peace and tranquility in one of the most privileged landscapes of the world. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay although the whole area is so lovely, any perch will do us.

Windo's RibAdvisor verdict:

There was little to choose between these two fine establishments except for the decor. After few days I was joined by one of my life partners and the dual aspect of both rooms was a delight as we could keep an eye out in all directions. The Blue Rib Guest House was my initial winner, but after a few hours of drying my fur had changed colour from black to grey. And frankly, I think I clashed with the surroundings. So for more leisurely sunbathing it has to be The White Rib Hotel, their white decor matches almost any of my fifty shades of gray.

10 April 2021 - 12:58:31

Lockdown over. Splashdown begins. And it is so exhausting,

13 April 2021 - 10:25:01

The first steam train of the new season. Loco Braveheart (75014) brings the first trainload of paying passengers of 2021 into Kingswear.

The early sun only just high enough to catch the steam under the Hoodown hill.

13 April 2021 - 09:25:08

Just one more Windo shot - the Hotel Inspector checking local water quality.

15 April 2021 - 11:22:21

Apparently Prime Minioster Boris Johnson was at BRNC for the passing out parade today.

Sadly, that fact is not apparent from my snap of it.

13 April 2021 - 16:09:44

This is the container ship One Wren travelling to Rotterdam from Singapore. It's 364 metres long - that's just about the distance the Higher Ferry travels on a highish tide. Would the Harbour Office ask for £1billion compensation should such a vessel get stuck there?

14 April 2021 - 18:30:31

Wednesday evening racing is back under way. Last nights race took place in the river giving us onlookers this wonderful sight at the start.

13 April 2021 - 15:26:14

Masses of helicopter activity this  week with the First Sea Lord  at Britannia Royal Naval College and the Prime Minister also popping in.

Whoever was in this RAF Chinook ZH901 got a very close up view of the river.

13 April 2021 - 15:26:03

This is one of those aboard the low flying Chinook (ZH901). Doesn't look like the First Sea Lord. Or Boris.

17 April 2021 - 10:22:01

Whilst Windo (of course this is Windo) seems quite calm about all the attention, some have been getting a shade close.

Many of us have been for a look at seals as they bask in the river - and it's so tempting to get closer. And closer. And really, we shouldn't.

15 April 2021 - 19:40:13

There was the first lifeboat shout in many months this week on Thursday. Two people were stranded by the tide near Stoke Fleming. Both ILB's attended with the D-class picking up those in peril and transferred them to the Atlantic which roared back into town carrying the rescued casualties.

16 April 2021 - 17:43:48

And then, the next night....there was another call out. This time up river to Stoke Gabriel.

18 April 2021 - 09:13:56

Pretty patterns made by the wake of an incoming boat in the harsh morning sun.

17 April 2021 - 09:59:47

Someone may well correct me on this, but I think it is the first trip on the first day of the Castle Ferry.