The view from the dartmouth


It will be difficult to beat this August. A fantastic superyacht Northern Star swanned in for a wedding party and a half with lots of national newspaper coverage of the event.  Earlier in the month we had cracking red sunlight illuminating the eastern bank. Ocean Princess came for a day (I managed to miss arrival and departure - but 3BF at The Ship in Kingswear were very good as ever). The lifeboat crew completed their Source to the Sea charity, run/cycle/row in the mist of Friday afternoon. Well done to all. They also got called out ten times.

Then visits from the bright yellow Severn Ferry, the tall ship Earl of Pembroke, T/S Royalist. The Pembroke then went out on a series of half day excursions and looked beautiful.

Following that we had the amazing sight of the superyacht Lady B and her 179ft mast.

Regatta has its own album, but all other August pictures will be here.

Oh and yes, I might be just the teeniest bit obsessed with a combine harvester or two.

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2010 August TVFTDO

Every photo is taken from the same spot - our office garden