2010 November TVFTDO       


First day and I have some new kit. A fast acting autofocus telephoto which almost feels like cheating, plus a rather robust new camera body capable of some very quick bursts. It IS cheating.

So this morning I shot everything that moved and much that didn’t.

And day two, that’ll be the second of November, was much the same only more so.

Thankfully the third won’t be dull. Can’t be. It’s my birthday.

Oh, but on the river it most certainly was.

So if you’re  a new visitor, please. please look at some of the other albums, October perhaps  or better still, The Pick of TVFTDO.com, otherwise you’ll think this is all too boring. I’m sure November will perk up, but as of the 5th, apart from one very hardy sailor, it’s been dull, dull, dull.

And pick up it certainly did. As the end of the month approaches, well.........

2010 November TVFTDO