The view from the dartmouth


Dartmouth in Devon is a pretty wonderful place. Sitting in our window watching the life in, on and above the river can be mesmerising. October didn’t look to be a promising month, however, by the end it had been pretty astonishing.

It was a crabby old start (if only I could spell), but things soon perked up.  A rather stately tall ship, the Lord Nelson shining out at night. A glorious first Monday of the month.

By the 5th we had seen HMCC Seeker with its new go-faster stripes. Oh and a rather lovely green bird which Facebook friends have decided is a Chiffchaff. Poor devil flew smack into the window. Three lifeboat shouts in 52 hours. A window wide web. The Princess Royal. Sunrises galore.

The Yarmouth Navigator, a lovely old world war II tub that has seen better days. And personally I found the piles fascinating. Not the least bit painful. Then the pontoons disappeared. That did hurt.

Great skies, a double rainbow that went round the world. Fantastic superyachts, yes plural. A mysterious combat boat, more tall ships, a Merlin and a Harrier displaying their firepower and to cap it all, the most spectacular evening sky complete with half a rainbow in its midst.

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2010 October TVFTDO

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