Rainbow heaven


You want to see rainbows?  This is the place to see them - Dartmouth in Devon, England. And here is a small selection of some of the rainbow photographs I have taken over the last few years. Lots of doubles, but as yet no sign of a clearly defined triple. I live in hope.

Every picture is shot from the same spot, right outside our office.


“every day he shot himself”

The story as published in British newspapers wasn’t exactly correct, but that was nothing compared to this chinese version. I found it online, already translated. Badly, I hope.

It’s from:


British photographer with 7 years to capture a rare double rainbow spectacle (Figure)

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Two colorful rainbow as a bridge hanging in the sky, the city of Dartmouth, Devon,

SAN FRANCISCO Oct. 28, according to foreign media reports, British photographer Andy - Kelly every day taken out through the office window views. Hard work pays off, after 7 years of effort, he finally captured this rare double rainbow spectacle.

Kelly, 53, created a "capture the beauty from the Dartmouth office," the site over the past 7 years, every day he shot himself posted to the site on the vision. Recently, he finally captured the spectacular weather phenomena, the two rainbow bridge is like a rainbow hanging in the sky, Dartmouth, Devon. Kelly said that in an instant to capture the spectacular double rainbow before, he has taken more than two thousand related photos.

sometimes, even more vague "Vice Rainbow" in the "Zhenghong" outside to see. Vice-Hong (also known as Ni) is a double reflection of sunlight inside the raindrops effect of the formation of 50 to 53 degrees angle in the sky. If you close observation, you can see the rainbow colors are reversed, Vice outside into the blue, which became red. Zhenghong fuzzy rainbow looks better than vice, which are mainly two reasons, first, the release of the two reflected light than the light of the release of a more reflective, and second double rainbow sky itself will be extended to a larger area. This effect, although a bit scary, there is help to capture the photo. (Autumn Ling)

Andy Kelly eh?  For new arrivals, this is referring to the picture  from 23 October 2010, the double rainbow across the river. A nice picture, but scientific?

                                              You can see the picture we’re talking about by scrolling down to 23 Oct 2010


Rainbow heaven